Monday, October 29, 2007

Rise up and rock the generation

Well, it's not only gonna be about the classics. So here's a new one I've been enjoying lately:

Yves Larock "Rise Up" a track that have gotten some attention from the dj's all over Europe but haven't been quite the chart-topper it deserves. Only Italy and southern Europe have really embraced it and down there it's probably a big candidate for being the club-favorite of the year.

They are actually calling it the "Love Generation" (by Bob Sinclar) of 2007 ... Well it's not going to be the instant classic "Love Generation" proved to be and will never have the same crossover mainstream appeal, but I'm quite shure that in ten years you will still once in a while hear "Rise Up" being played at clubs around the World.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More unlimited

Before anyone else points it out I have to admit getting some inspiration for this blogs name from more than just Ace Of Base and 2 Unlimited.

I had already written the two first posts of my blog (but didn't really have a name for it yet) when I came upon Acerben's excellent Pop Unlimited.

With a quick edit of the two posts they now fitted the new name Base Unlimited perfectly. Hope Acerben don't mind me being a copycat. Promise I'm not going to copy his posts as well :-)

A dream come true

A classic 90's eurodance track I have to include in this blog is
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor's "Dreams (Will Come Alive)".

I clearly remember this as one of the songs I freaked about when I in my late teens started going out to party. Nowadays it isn't remembered by many people, but at that time it was quite a hit and one of the favorites at the club I went to.

I was sold from the first listen and haven't got count of the times I've walked home from the city, drunk and singing it out loud. And it is still one of the all-time favorites of mine.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fly Viva

Does anybody remember how fantastic the german music-channel VIVA used to be? Of course you would have had to live in or nearby Germany to recieve the channel (or have it on cable or something).

Well nowadays all european countries have their own local MTV and at least one other local music tv station. And basically they are all the same! Back in the 90's they had their own individual profiles and in the mid 90's more than 50% of the videos on VIVA where Eurodance. Now you have to be lucky to find a House-video if you watch on a friday or saturday night. No matter which music station you watch.

Well, back to the music. When I lived at home we didn't have cable or anything. So I had to settle with the weekly music video show on national tv. But the first place I moved to on my own I had cable and both MTV and VIVA. I only lived there for half a year, but VIVA quickly became my favorite tv-station and I had it on almost 24/7.

I clearly remember two videos which was on absolutely powerplay on VIVA at that time. One was Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo "Wonderfull Days" and most vivid the second one which was Haddaway "Fly Away".

Both great tracks. And "Fly Away" is still one of my favorite Haddaway songs. By the way, did you known he is still doing music? Releasing new albums and doing concerts.