Saturday, March 28, 2009

A higher love to a dj

Here's yet another one of my current favorite tracks and again it's an oldie returning with new stuff. DJ Jurgen best known for his work with Alice Deejay and the smash hit "Better Off Alone" here delivers a beautiful dance tune also inspired by the oh so trendy electro sound.

"A Higher Love" deserves all the attention it can get!

Love it with you

Another one of my favorite tracks at the moment is also from a returning 90's eurodance star, Captain Hollywood. Best known for the hit "More And More".

His latest "It Hurts With You" is a perfect mix of pop and electro hitting it right where it hurts good.

Actually most of the 90's dance names returning these years with new material are doing a h*** of a lot better than the ones just updating their old hits if you ask me!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Touch of an element

I've previously written about Basic Element and how much I was looking forward to a new album. Well now it's here, at least in Poland where it have been released. I'm hoping it soon will hit other countries so it will be a bit easier to get the hold of.

It includes the current hit-single "Touch You Right Now":

One of my absolutely favorite tracks at the moment and a big radio hit in Basic Element's homeland Sweden.

The new album "The Truth" seems to follow the excellent style found on the comeback album "The Empire Strikes Back" and also includes the single "Feelings".