Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surrender to something

Staying in the Benelux area I haven't written about Lasgo before either. The eurodance/eurotrance scene made big by Dutch Alice Deejay and since then fronted by Belgian Milk Inc, Ian Van Dahl, Sylver and not least Lasgo who probably have had the biggest crossover hit of them all "Something".

"Something" just hit me instantly and when the following singles was just as good there where no doubt I needed to own the album which didn't disappoint.

Lasgo followed the succes with a second album just as good, including the beautiful "Who's That Girl" and the hits "Lying" and "Surrender".

Since then there have been silence for three years, but Lasgo has now returned with a new girl in front and hopefully many more great tracks to come!

Time for a cow

I just realized I haven't written about Milk Inc until now. Time to make up for that since I've been a fan since the start.

And the start was with a huge hit across the European clubscene with the excellent "La Vache" which landed at a perfect time for them in 1996-97 when the classic eurodance constellation - male rapper/female singer - era was slowly turning towards either bubblegum or a more trancy sound.

The following singles didn't do that well outside of Benelux or the trance scene and I thought of them as somewhat of a one hit wonder even though I new they where still releasing. It wasn't until they around the new millenium found their current form with Regi Penxten and Linda Mertens in front and the amazing "Walk On Water" that I really started taking notice of them!

Since then they have released several great tracks, one of them being my favorite from their side and one of my all time favorites as well. The simply awesome "Time":

Milk Inc has slowly build a base of faithful followers and has proven to be a viable dance act, most others only surviving to their second album if lucky.

Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best albums of 2008

Well, as said 2008 wasn't really anything to talk about as far as album goes. On the brigth side the release plans for 2009 looks VERY promising though!

But I still think I should give a little feedback on the 2008 albums. None of them really makes it into my regular playlist in the future I think, but still worth mentioning is a couple from Belgium.

Kate Ryan had huge succes with her cover "Ella Elle L'a" taken from the album "Free" which makes it onto my 2008 list. As usual with Kate Ryan, "Free" includes great songs in both english and french like the single "L.I.L.Y." and the other great french cover song "Voyage Voyage":

Teaming up with Kate Ryan both as far as geographic origin and musical genre goes are Milk Inc with their latest album "Forever" which is one of their better albums and one of the best of 2008. It includes the excellent title track:

Finally though absolutely the best album release of the year I do hesitate to mention September's "Dancing In Orbit" as it is not really a new album release but a compilation collecting the best from her previous albums "In Orbit" and "Dancing Shoes" and only released in some countries following her huge succes with the new 2008 UK version of her 2005 song "Cry For You":

Actually a track that could be mentioned as one of the best tracks of 2008 as well.