Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hit me with a Buzz

I've already written too long on this blog without mentioning Da Buzz, the most poptastic band in the world.

I vaguely remember they had a minor hit in Denmark with one of their first singles "Do You Want Me" or "Let Me Love You" (or both) which I liked but didn't took much notice of. As you can see, I can't even remember which song it was.

But somehow the name Da Buzz did stuck in the back of my mind and when I some years later was flipping through cd's at the local library I came upon their second album "Wanna Be With Me?". The back of my mind told the front of my mind that they had done something I had liked, so I took the cd back home to give it a test spin.

The title track hit me instantly! It was and still is amazing! The rest of the album wasn't bad either, but it was "Wanna Be With Me?" that made me keep the album home and renew it at the library some times so I could keep it home even longer.

Slowly the album grew on me and I ended up buying it and having many favorites from it. At the end of that year it was by far the most played album of mine in years and I just had to buy their third album "More Than Alive" and the at that time new fourth album "Dangerous - The Album". They didn't disappoint!

And with songs like "Dangerous", "Alive" and many more how could they?

Soon after I bought their first album "Da Sound" and actually imported their fifth and latest album "Last Goodbye" from Sweden as soon as it was released. And now I can't wait for a sixth. Everything they do are great!

Wrapping this up are one of their all time best from the "Last Goodbye" album, "Without Breaking":

free music

Be sure you will hear more about Da Buzz from me as they rank at the very top of my favorite artists!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Electrofy me

Time to write a bit more about the clubsound of today. Electro is sweeping the world like a storm and even though it have been here for some years it wasn't until the crossover success of Fedde Le Grand's "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" it started getting really big.

I've previously mentioned tracks by David Guetta and Yves Larock, some other electro tracks from the past year worth a recommendation are Erid Prydz vs Floyd "Proper Education".

And Armand Van Helden "I Want Your Soul" (here in the long album version).

free music

Also danish Fashion Victims got much attention in the homeland with their "Koochi Koochi".

Thursday, March 20, 2008

R 'n' Beat

I've complained about it before, but nowadays the radiostations and music TV channels are all the same. A little radio-pop, a little rock/indie, a little hip hop and way too much R 'n' B.

Now even the very few electronic/dance tracks which make it big and sells gold or platinum still struggles for some air time or TV play. But in the middle of all the distress small signs point towards better times, I truly hope they will come.

Some of the R 'n' B artists are actually starting to get influences from the electronic scene. Hopefully they will open the public eye to the joy and energy of house, eurodance and similar genres!

Even though I can find real R 'n' B songs I like quite a lot more, tracks like Justin Timberlake's "My Love", Kanye West's "Stronger" etc. clearly have found inspiration in the electronic music. And lately one of the best R 'n' B tracks to be released for years also have some influences from the electronic club scene, Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music"

If only all R 'n' B songs would become like this I'd be happy to turn on the radio again.