Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby I miss your walk on the water

Second instalment in my little "where did they go?"-series goes to Denmark and Catch. Their fantastic debut-single "Walk On Water (Baby U Can)" went all the way to the #1 spot on the danish dancechart.

A song co-written by DJ Encore who later did his own version "You Can Walk On Water" previously posted.

Catch continued with another great poppy dance track "Keep On (Singing Lala)":

Then they dissapeared. Again as with Dee Dee an album was planned and actually got a title "Sweetest Mystery" but for some reason never got released? A little sneakpeak was actually given on the "Keep On" remixes maxi-single which included two bonus tracks "On And On" and "B.A.B.Y (I Miss You)".

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The one forever

Ok, time to take a view on some of the acts who started off with a blast but then disappeared without a trace. Kicking it off will be Dee Dee!

Fronted by Diana Trippaers and produced by some of the same guys behind Ian Van Dahl the first release "Forever" from 2001 was a major hit across Europe, topping the dancecharts of several countries.

A year later it was followed by the just as great "The One" (and later a french version of "Forever") after which Dee Dee was unofficially shut down.

Rumours have it they actually had produced demo tracks for a full album. But it is sadly stuffed away in some drawer.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here i go with angels again

Talking about E-type I vividly remember his major comeback with "Angels Crying" which went on to be his greatest hit of all time strongly supported by the slasher horror movie parody music video.

Probably one of the few of his songs which are well known among the mainstream audience.

It was followed by another song "Here I Go Again" continuing the hit succes of "Angels Crying" with another horror movie video. This time a bit of Poltergeist and The Excorsist. It went on to become almost as big as "Angels Crying".