Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby I miss your walk on the water

Second instalment in my little "where did they go?"-series goes to Denmark and Catch. Their fantastic debut-single "Walk On Water (Baby U Can)" went all the way to the #1 spot on the danish dancechart.

A song co-written by DJ Encore who later did his own version "You Can Walk On Water" previously posted.

Catch continued with another great poppy dance track "Keep On (Singing Lala)":

Then they dissapeared. Again as with Dee Dee an album was planned and actually got a title "Sweetest Mystery" but for some reason never got released? A little sneakpeak was actually given on the "Keep On" remixes maxi-single which included two bonus tracks "On And On" and "B.A.B.Y (I Miss You)".


AcerBen said...

Not heard this one before, good tune :)

BTW Pop Unlimited is back!

DJ Duck said...

Fantastic. I'll be a regular reader again :-)

Just included Catch "Keep On" in my post. Somehow forgot it in the first place :-)

Both their songs are excellent pop-dance tracks!