Thursday, July 31, 2008

She's the one in french

Sometimes it's hard to figure what makes a hit but for Kate Ryan it seems singing in French is the magic formula.

She exploded onto the scene in 2002 with the smash hit "Désenchantée" which became a big hit all over Europe.

And though she have released songs in English both before and after "Désenchantée" they've never given her quite the same succes. Even though they are often just as good. Here's one of my English favorites from her "Only If I":

Her latest is again a song in French. "Ella Elle L'a" which is good on it's way to become as big as "Désenchantée" haven so far gone top 10 in Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Lithuania.

Keep 'em coming Kate. Both in French and English.

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