Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eurodance and house podcast

Just a little self promotion...

I'm doing a weekly radioshow on a local radio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The show is packed with music, lots of eurodance, Hi-NRG and mainstream house and trance. Both new and old. And just a little bit of talk in between the music.

You can listen to "Dance 98,9" (as the show is called) as podcast. Send a mail to anders(a) with the subject "Subscribe" and every second week or so you'll recieve link to download of two new shows as mp3. Each 1½ hour long and around 80Mb of size. Send "Unsubscribe" to the same mail to stop recieving downloads.

You can also go to the radios homepage to read more and catch a list of my monthly Top 5 charts. The page is in danish but should be quite easy to navigate without any knowledge of danish and the links and charts info doesn't really need translation :-)


Eurodance Blog said...

Hey Andreas!!
how are you i want to subscribe to you show :Pand other think i want to ask you something!!!
Were i can wrote you !??

DJ Duck said...

Hi there

I know you've got my contact-mail as we've written together now ;-)

Well, if you want to subscribe to the radioshow, please write an email to anders(a) with the word "Subscribe" in the subject-line. And you will automatically recieve the downloads. (change "(a)" to "@").