Monday, April 13, 2009

Better off if you came back in my life

Talking about Alice Deejay her (their) "Better Off Alone" is probably one of the few tracks that I just loved from the very first time I heard it and - even though I rarely listen to it anymore - still does when I hear it now.

Making it a track which is probably on my all time top 20.

At the time when it was released it just sounded so fresh, like nothing else around. It was a well deserved smash hit followed by more hit singles and a great album "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?" which also have hidden gems on it like "No More Lies":

Would love to see Alice Deejay back continuing the success!


Tavi said...

my fav track from her is .. no more lies ... & of course her number one hit with dj jurgen better of alone!:)

DJ Duck said...

Yeah. They are amazing both of them!