Sunday, May 23, 2010

A lady doing a hit single

Next is "Single Lady" by DJ Layla Feat. Alissa. One of the best examples of the Romanian sound made famous by Inna.

And yes, I do know both of the ladies and the producer are from Moldova, but since they are now based in Romania I'm taking the liberty and calling them a Romanian act. Anyways, it's a great track!


ERICK said...

hey, I´m back with a new blog

Eurodance Blog said...

hey. behind of this project is Radu ex Ozone... Inna is produced by Play & Win :)
nice that you like romanian stuff i like Medina :)

DJ Duck said...

Hi Tavi
Yes, Romanian dancemusic is the best you can find these days!
Well, I'm not really into Medina. I think Denmark has a lot of better acts ... She's ok though.