Monday, September 24, 2007

All that we want is another album

The second reason for the blogs name is Ace Of Base. I was quite late getting a cd-player, until then I was doing the mix-tape thing like everyone else. But finally I got a discman and could start getting cd's.

My first cd was a dance-compilation I had won a few month before I got the discman. And actually a quite good compilation, but that's not the story here. My first real cd-album was Ace Of Base's "Happy Nation" (the original version). I like everyone else was crazy with "All That She Wants" and I also quite liked the other singles "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Happy Nation", so when I got the offer to buy the album from a friend I didn't hesitate.

The album was and still is amazing! Every single track rocked my musical world. Even though I got other cd's I think that album was stuck in my discman for more than a year. I especially liked "Waiting For Magic" (the "Total Remix"-version of the song which is on the US-album isn't as good).

free music

It didn't took long for Ace Of Base to hit it big time all over the world and when they released the singles "The Sign" and "Don't Turn Around" which was only on the US-version of the album it just confirmed how much I liked the music. So I had to get the US-version album as well.

After waiting for what seemed to be forever, they finally released a new album. The first single was good, but I was still a poor teenager so I waited to hear the second one before deciding. It was "Beautiful Life" and I went bananas! Bought the album imidialy and was amazed again. I actually think that album was stuck in my cd-player for almost two years (still a record of mine).

Since then I've just bought every album/compilations Ace Of Base has released and has never been disappointed! And even though "All That She Wants" is still their biggest hit and it has probably been played to death, I still think it's an amazing track like every single song of theirs.

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