Saturday, September 8, 2007

How amazing the facets of music can be

First off I want to give a reason for the blogs name. One reason belongs to 2 Unlimited one of the main acts that got me into eurodance! Being a little kiddo at the end of the 80's I didn't really had my own musictaste yet, allthough I did listen to a lot of the more mainstream hip hop like Run DMC, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Fatboys, Ice-T and so on.

Suddenly music started to appear with a harder beat, still with rap and with oh so catchy refrains. It got my attention as it got everyones at that time, and I liked it. But I never took much notice of the artists or songnames untill I heard "Faces" by 2 Unlimited.

I was hooked imidealy! I had heard "No Limits" and it was still a huge hit when a friend of mine played "Faces" on his stereo. But this new one also by 2 Unlimited just knocked me down. At that exact moment I knew what kind of music I liked!

During the same time the eurodance-scene exploded and most of the biggest and best known songs of the genre are from the same days. But it took quite some time till another song hit me as much as "Faces" did!

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