Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to basics with a snap

Did you know that many of the classic eurodance artists of the 90's have returned in recent years with new material?

I'm not talking Scooter or E-type who haven't really been away. Nor all the covers or 2005-, 2006-, 2007-versions etc. of old hits. But real new material. And most of it quite good!

I've mentioned Basic Elements some times. Besides them one of the more succesful comebacks have been done by Corona. In 2006 she released "Back In Time" which was not a major hit but did spawn some attention on most dancecharts around Europe.

Snap! who have had many succesful releases of updated tracks and cover-versions released the new song "Beauty Queen" in 2005.

An amazing song if you ask me. Why it didn't went on to become a new hit of theirs is beyond me.

Rather unnoticed Dr. Alban also released a new album "Back To Basics" in 2007. Of course it doesn't help there wasn't any promotion done other than on his own website and it is practically impossible to find a place where you can buy it! Most of the songs have just started to appear on download-stores during the last couple of months. A bit sad as you can find some quite good songs on the album including "Don't Joke With Fire" and "I Wanna Know".

The list of returning 90's-dance artist is too long to go on. Now all we need is for them to have the same succes as they had back then! The music for most parts is there.

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