Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free mp3's and free questions

Well, I can see on the statistics of the blog that you readers are out there. And some of you are even comming back! Thank you very much :-)

But the response isn't that big, so please don't be affraid of commenting.

I just updated my links list of free legal mp3 downloads. If you know of any others, let me know and I'll post it and we will all benefit.

Finally to get this blog even more interesting I'll start a little answering service. I do pride myself of some knowledge when it comes to 90's eurodance, but also newer stuuf, house, electro, trance etc. So if you have any questions let me know. Can't find a tracks name, the name of a singer, rumours of new tracks etc. Anything related to the wonderful world of electronic dance/club music. Just ask!

I myself have earlier asked if anyone know anything on the english version of Activ's "Doar Cu Tine" (named "Undressed"). Does anyone know if it was released on an album, a single, digital? I can't seem to find any info anywhere.

Also I would love to know who did the remix of Karma's "Every Time You Leave" which across the net goes by the Benny Benassi Remix suffix. Is it by Benny? It isn't mentioned on any official site so it probably isn't. But who did it then?

So what do you want to know?

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