Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is it with me and angels?

Yes, yet another post with angels in the title and text. This time not in the title of a track but the name of an act.

It's the time of year where one can start looking back on what will become candidates for best of 2008. As for the albums I really don't see many candidates this year, so turning to an older album which I just bought recently and is for sure one of my best buys this year: Angel City's "Love Me Right".

If you like the hitsingles from the album "Do You Know (I Go Crazy)":

And the absolutely amazing "Sunrise":

You won't be disappointed by the album which also features the just as good singles "Love Me Right (Oh Sheila)" and "Touch Me" and many more great tracks!

I sure hope the singer Lara McAllen and the producers get back together and do a follow up on the album sometime soon...

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