Sunday, November 30, 2008

A magic omen

Returning to some words about the classic 90's eurodance.

One of the best compilations I own is by coincidence also one of my first cd's, "Absolute Let's Dance Opus 5". Being a bit late on the cd-market I actually bought this one of my younger brother who was more and more turning his taste towards hip-hop. I got at a bargain price and didn't gave it much notice on what was on it, just wanting to expand my very small cd library at the time.

As it turned out this was a compilation which - unlike most compilations of today - almost has no fillers but lots and lots of killer tracks and it very much defined my eurodance standards and demands. It is still one of the compilations I turn to most often so it really have passed the test of time.

It also includes one of my all time favorites, a track that really is the epitome of eurodance and a pure classic, Magic Affair's "Omen III"!

Probably because they never really got another hit in Denmark I didn't really explored if Magic Affair had done more greatness. Funny thing is that I at some time must have decided they where from Sweden, so it wasn't until some years ago I bought their album "Omen (The Story Continues...)" and decided to research a little that I learned they where from Germany and have done many great tracks but none as good as "Omen III". But ok, not many has!

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