Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surrender to something

Staying in the Benelux area I haven't written about Lasgo before either. The eurodance/eurotrance scene made big by Dutch Alice Deejay and since then fronted by Belgian Milk Inc, Ian Van Dahl, Sylver and not least Lasgo who probably have had the biggest crossover hit of them all "Something".

"Something" just hit me instantly and when the following singles was just as good there where no doubt I needed to own the album which didn't disappoint.

Lasgo followed the succes with a second album just as good, including the beautiful "Who's That Girl" and the hits "Lying" and "Surrender".

Since then there have been silence for three years, but Lasgo has now returned with a new girl in front and hopefully many more great tracks to come!


Erick said...

/Something/ is the best song from Lasgo, I prefer the original singer than the new one.

DJ Duck said...

Uh! I think it's hard to choose my favorite song by Lasgo. But it is probably Something, Alone, Follow You or Who's That Girl.

Yeah, Evi Goffin is a hard one to follow. But I'm going to wait and see how the new singer and the new songs will be before judging. Out Of My Mind is an ok song. Maybe not as good as many other Lasgo songs, but it's a good start.