Saturday, January 24, 2009


Staying in Belgium and the mainstream trance/eurotrance scene, worth a mention is also Ian Van Dahl.

With a major break through tune "Castles In The Sky" it was impossible not to notice Ian Van Dahl when they first appeared in 2000.

And when the follow ups "Will I?" and "Reason" was just as good, I had to get the album "Ace" which didn't disappoint.

Some years later they where warming up to the second album with a bit more housy sound on the excellent "Inspiration" which became one of my favorites of 2005.

And even though the album "Lost & Found" wasn't as good as the first it did spawn another great single "I Can't Let You Go".

Unfortunately "Lost & Found" was the last we heard of Ian Van Dahl except for the two amazing tracks "Movin' On" and "Just A Girl".

But fortunately the members are still active in other projects as well as new ones.


Erick said...

AnnaGrace now works as an independent artist, she used to work as the vocalist (Ian Van Dahl)

DJ Duck said...

Yes, Annemie Coenen who fronted Ian Van Dahl as vocalist (and songwriter) now goes by the name of AnnaGrace. And Peter Luts who produced Ian Van Dahl is also the producer of AnnaGrace.

Eurodance Blog said...

Ian van dahl was a project made by Peter & David... a project who involves both... AnnaGrace is a Peter Luts project :)