Sunday, July 5, 2009

No blame on Sweden

Well, just taking a quick break away from my series of hidden and forgotten eurodance gems, here's a new track which once again proved that when it comes to music I should've been born in Sweden...

It's Gathania with her new single "Blame It On You":

Having heard the song and not knowing anything about her, just that I loved the song and it without doubt is the track I've been playing the most for the last month or so. I started to do some research and of course she and her producers are from Sweden! They just know what to hit us with!

If this one doesn't end up becomming a massive hit across Europe there is no justice anymore (or people have just lost their musical taste)...

1 comment:

Tavi said...

Man! you forgot something! :)
European radios playin' music from top 40 ..The top from bbc 1 :) !
Ups i revealed a secret :)
See yaa stranger!