Sunday, June 21, 2009

You saved my soul in the dark of the night

One of the many eurodance acts which where quite big back in the days (the (mid) 90's) but have now more or less been forgotten by the general public is E-rotic. Yet again an act I'm sure I will be returning to as they did release some great tracks.

E-rotic being somewhat a forgotten gem themself I could give you one of the great songs that made me fall in love with them, like "Fred Come To Bed" or "Sex On The Phone". But besides the music still being great, the lyrics and corny moans really haven't aged that well, so instead I will give you one of my favorites of theirs:

"In The Dark Of The Night" was one of the new tracks taken from their best of album "Greatest Tits" from 1998. One of the few albums I've bought without really knowing most of the songs. But I knew enough and wasn't disappointed. "In The Dark Of The Night" was worth the entire album in it self, but there is a lot of other great stuff on it as well.


Tavi said...

They are not forgotten...David Said that will release something new but just the word :)
The best album from them is Missing you .. my fav album :)

DJ Duck said...

Well no, you're right. Eurodance lovers and DDR lovers still remember E-rotic.

But most other people don't remember them. Sad as they did some great songs.

Tavi said...

Yes but is back the real voice of E-Rotic, Lyanne with her project SEX Appeal in the same style like E-Rotic :)
Living in Lie it's good, Let me feel your sex appeal and the newest song Voodoo Queen... :)