Monday, August 31, 2009

In my mind

When Lasgo released their first single "Out Of My Mind" with their new singer Jelle van Daele in the end of 2008 I thought it was ok but wasn't convinced I would rank it very high among their productions.

Nevertheless during the year it has slowly grown on me and the last month and a half I have played it quite a lot and with great joy at home.

It's still not among my top favourite Lasgo songs but definitely in the better half and with the high standards from Lasgo that means it's great!

And with two great follow up singles "Gone" and "Lost" I can't wait for the new album "Smile" to be released here in the beginning of september.

Would have bought it anyways :-)


Tavi's Eurodance Blog said...

Why this success with this new vocalist? was very simple was a lot of publicity around her ... they made an realty show Let's go lasgo was normal that success will fallow..

By the way Elena left from Dj Project

DJ Duck said...

Well, yes of course a reality show helps with the publicity. But it would not have been a hit if the song wasn't good either. So I think it is both :-)