Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Goodbye?

One of the saddest news in music this summer was that Da Buzz announced on their homepage that they are taking a break.

For two years we haven't really heard anything from them and when we do it's this sad announcement. If they do come back sometime in the future it will probably not be for a long time, even though I truly hope they will have second thoughts and return soon.

I can't really understand why they never made it big big... And after September had her success with "Cry For You" one should think that Da Buzz would have quite a chance as they can be said to be somewhat similar in style and have at least a handful of tracks with the same potential.

Well from here comes a big "Thank You!" for five great albums and a "Greatest Hits" album. Hope to see you back sometime in the future!

What better way to accompany this post with their great "Last Goodbye".

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