Sunday, November 11, 2007

Come to me and play

Yes I know, it's only some posts ago I mentioned Ace Of Base.
I promise the blog isn't gonna be all about them.

But the latest news on Ace Of Base is too good not to mention. They are going on tour here in november/december and one of the stops are in Copenhagen and I am going! (which means I'm probably going to write about them again after the concert, but that's it. Promise).

Rumours has it the concerts are a warm up tour for a new album in 2008. I truely hope it's true! Until then I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who would warmly welcome an Ace Of Base b-sides compilation, with all the single bonus-tracks, previously unreleased tracks and other non-album tracks.

Tracks like "Come To Me", "Mercy Mercy", "Love For Sale" etc. are absolutely good enough to fill an album, and all the Acers (Ace Of Base fans) would buy the compilation without hesitation.

"Love For Sale" above, "Come To Me" below.

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John Sposato said...

I managed to find a number of rare tracks. I would like an mp3 of "Come to Me". A box set would be nice, as well as a live album. Another greatest hits and studio album are on the way.