Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remember the one

Strongest contestant DJ Encore faces for the "best album of 2007"-title have to be Swedish The Attic and their album "Remember Tomorrow".

Even though it's a re-release of the album "The One" with 5 new tracks. More than one third new and really strong tracks should make it count as a new album.

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(The video-version of "A Life To Live", the album-version is even better!)

"The One" was nominated for best club/dance album in the Swedish Grammy Awards and with tracks like "A Life To Live" and "In Your Eyes" it had deserved a win. But even a nomination tells something.

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For now I cant decide if DJ Encore's "Unique" or The Attic's "Remember Tomorrow" will become my personal best of 2007 album. But I have played them both continuous for almost half a year now, and still find them both to be fantastic.

Finally I have to share The Attic's great video for the song "The Arrival":

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Anonymous said...

I love "Remember Tomorrow" and I totally agree with you. It's one of my favorite albums of 2007, definitely. I'm including it in my Best of '07 Year end wrap up on my blog.