Friday, October 24, 2008

Your my ticket to ride

When I started this blog it was the intention to make it a blog of my own personal journey into the world of dancemusic. Now it has more become a list of my recommendations of new and old songs (which was actually kind of the intention as well). So returning down the original path for a while...

In the mid 90's I had really started going out every weekend. I was still kind of a novice when it came to music, but had become sure that eurodance was my call. Especially two clubs had my attention at the time and I have many good memories from both including a lot of music memories!

At one of the clubs one of the big hits was Solid Base's "Mirror Mirror":

I quickly found out that Solid Base was behind the song and when they followed with "You Never Know" I couldn't wait for an album. It took some time and it wasn't till sometime later they started hitting at my local bar's jukebox with "Fly To Be Free" I started looking for the debut album again and finally found it. Ironically but not unsurprising it was named "Finally" :-)

Soon after in the late 90's they started hitting it big time with "Ticket To Fly" and many more. And the following albums got big time tv advertising. Solid Base actually got so popular that they did a song for Pringles chips commercials "Once You Pop (You Can't Stop)".

Like the rest of the eurodance scene Solid Base sadly disappeared quite sudden and is now widely forgotten. In eruodance circles however they are among many (including myself) considered to be one of the favorite acts.

I can't choose among one my many favorites of theirs, so here's one of the more popular Solid Base tracks, "Stay With Me":

Solid Base - Stay Wi..>
Found at

Actually Solid Base is also one of the reasons behind this blogs name...


John said...

oh, you're absolutely right dude. Solid Base was and is one of the best Eurodance projects.

My favourite title is "Diamonds are Forever". What a great tune, what an energy...

DJ Duck said...

Yeah. "Diamonds are Forever" is an excellent tune! It should be since it is from their best album "The Take Off" :-)