Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heart of dance

I actually can't believe I haven't mentioned Maxx before! There's no doubt I will get back to them again as they are the ones behind such amazing songs as "No More (I Can't Stand It)" and "Get-A-Way"... Simply amazing!

But for now it's about the hidden gem that is "Heart Of Stone":

One of my favorites of theirs and a song I have had as my mobile ring tone for the past year and a half. And I still love it!

I can't believe it wasn't released as a single back in the days I'm sure it would have done better than some of their other singles.


Tavi said...

Wow .. man you read my mind this is my fav song tooo :)

don't tell me that next song that you like is 2 unlimited closer 2u :)!!!?

DJ Duck said...

"Closer 2U" is a great song too. So sad that album didn't really became a hit. "The Edge Of Heaven" and "Be Free Tonight" are fantastic!

Tavi said...

I think because of the name! At that time it was hard to imagine this girls in Ray & Anita place.
Only Wanna Get up! was a hit.

DJ Duck said...

True. A lot of people didn't really thouhgt they could be any good without Anita & Ray. So sad, I would have loved another album with the two girls.