Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm thinking of them

There's no underestimating the impact 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor had on the eurodance-scene in the 90's and their influence on my taste in music as well.

I've already covered their fantastic "Dreams (Will Come Alive)"
- one of my alltime favorites - and could mention a lot of their other songs which are also on my list of classics!

But for now it's about the more hidden gems and one of their tracks which have been somewhat forgotten and in my opinion is a bit underrated is "I'm Thinkin' Of U":

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor had the most succes with their singles from the first album "Dreams" and what came afterwards has mostly been hits in their homeland and a few other markets. In Denmark they have been mostly invisible since the first album which is probably why it's only within the last five years I've come to know "I'm Thinkin' Of U". But I love it that's for sure!

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