Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anything more I can do for you?

Back to the 90's eurodance. One of the bands who helped create the genre is Culture Beat. I'm sure I'm going to write about them several times as their albums just kept getting better and I keep going back to them.

They are the name behind one of the best known songs of the 90's eurodance scene: "Mr. Vain".

"Mr. Vain" is from their breakthrough second album (the first only made minor impact at the clubs). The album "Serenity" spawned many hit-singles and made Culture Beat a well known name both on tv, the radio and at the clubs.

One of the singles "Anything" probably have the musicvideo I've seen the most times.

It was on heavy rotation on all the major music-channels MTV, MCM, VIVA etc. and on national danish tv. No matter which channel I turned to, it was playing. I actually watched it so much I started to dislike the song.

Different nowadays, I love it like I love everything from Culture Beat. And how I would love to see it played on the tv now instead of all the RnB cr*p that's on.

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