Sunday, December 9, 2007

A band that is fantastic

Continuing with a classic 90's eurodance act which has been somewhat forgotten by the general public even though they had some quite big hits back in the days.

Basic Element best known for tracks like "This Must Be A Dream" and the #1 hit in most of Scandinavia "The Promise Man" but also "Move Me" and one of my personal favorites of theirs "Touch".

After releasing 4 albums from 1994-98 they disappeared. But returned last year and got some well deserved attention especially in home country Sweden, but also elsewhere. The 2007 album "The Empire Strikes Back" gave them a couple of hits with great singles like "I'll Never Let You Know" and the amazing "To You"!

Why they didn't got a pan-european hit is beyond me. But hopefully they'll want to strike again soon.

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