Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Nations?

I kind of promised to be back with a review of the Ace Of Base concert in Copenhagen. Today it's excactly 1 month since the day of the concert, so what could be more obvious than to write it now...

All things concidered it was a good show! But I'll start with the negative critic. The concert was way to short, only 1 hour including the encore. With a ticket price around 70 EUR (for the cheapest ones) that sure gave some disappointing comments among the audience. And they didn't give one single song from the "Da Capo" album!?!! I know the show was part of a tour and the album wasn't released in that many countries, but still.

But what they did give was great. A set full of all their hit-singles as it should be in a comeback concert. And almost all of them spiced up with new arrangements. Most notably a ballad version of "Don't Turn Around", an electro version of "Wheel Of Fortune" that I'm sure would be a hit on the dancefloors if they released it now, and a version of "Lucky Love" very close to the original but slightly more energetic which gave a huge response in the audience.

Here is the original European video version of "Lucky Love" (the US version of the video was different):


AcerBen said...

hey dude

no worries at being inspired by Pop Unlimited for the blog name. Anyone who likes AoB and 2U is immune to criticism!

DJ Duck said...

Thanks. Nice to have an "ok" from the man himself :)